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Hellmann responds to the global eCommerce boom: Easy eComm

22nd February 2022

Hellmann responds to the global eCommerce boom: Easy eComm

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics introduces a new cost-effective and seamless solution facilitating order fulfillment for international businesses who wish to enter the US market without the need for a domestic fulfillment center or storefront presence. The new Easy eComm model, which is slated to launch this month, serves as a turn-key solution that makes it possible for businesses to fulfill their customer’s online purchases in the US, swiftly and cost-efficiently.

Operating as a virtual order fulfillment center, this market entry solution developed by Hellmann requires no capital investment or local distribution center set-up for customers. It utilizes the new informal “Type 86” customs entry that enables importing of merchandise valued up to USD 800. In this way, the new solution allows manufacturers of fashion apparel and fast-moving consumer goods to leverage the global freight forwarder’s gateway and warehouse network to expand their reach to a customer base of over 320 million US consumers. 

The Easy eComm solution is ideal for online merchants of lower-value goods to test the US market space without the need for local presence. The model employs a three-phased approach that makes it possible for new importers to scale their business gradually, with Hellmann’s established team of experts managing the implementation of each phase of the US market entry strategy. Launching with international fulfillment from the point of origin and returns logistics in phase one, the inbound journey continues with the set-up of an international returns consolidation center in phase two. It culminates with the establishment of a full-fledged US distribution center in phase three. The Easy eComm implementation process is designed to activate US market fulfillment in just a few weeks, with the ability to reach full deployment of in-market operations within twelve months of inception.

“Our Easy eComm Solution enables international businesses to easily reach US customers. As part of the full-service offering, we handle the entire process and provide customized solutions - from the consolidation of the goods in the country of origin to door-to-door delivery in the USA. By providing our local expertise and infrastructure, we support our customers to successfully implement and evolve their business plan in the US market,” says Patrick Oestreich, Chief Commercial Officer, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics.

“We are here to welcome new companies to the US. Our team is looking forward to assisting them in their transition into the US market, and we will work very closely with each business to understand where Hellmann as a partner can further support their journey to reaching this US customer base,” adds Peter Huewel, Regional CEO North America, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics. 

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