Bartlomiej Pastwa

Bartlomiej Pastwa
COO, Board Member
Croatia (Hrvatska)

Bartlomiej Pastwa, Chief Operating Officer and Member of the Management Board of the Port of Rijeka, Croatia, Europe, International Business Developer, passionate about logistics, visioner, logistics consultant, chartering broker, people-oriented and results-driven senior expert, self and others motivating business coach and mentor with solution-minded attitude.

He is an experienced executive working with leading shipping and logistics companies to increase operational efficiency and develop commercial capabilities. Over the last two decades, he has served in several global logistics, operations, and business development roles (Poland, Croatia, and Dubai). In Dubai, he was an advisor to Tanzanian investors, creating grain logistics processes for Africa.
As a Chief Operational Officer at the Port of Rijeka (Europe), he has successfully transformed the organization into a modernly managed port.

His international experience, visionary approach and passion for logistics and new solutions are appreciated worldwide, which is why he is often a keynote speaker at international conferences. It presents solutions that set new, bold and profitable global trends.

He is a member of the Croatian - Polish Development Association in Croatia. He is a co-founder of the International Business Club in Croatia, which enables foreign investors to enter the Croatian market. Consultant in international projects, cooperating with PriceWaterhouseCoopers. Co-Owner of BRP Global, Dynamic Trading Solutions, he co-creates logistics corridors connecting the North with South Europe as part of the activities. Each chaos he experienced on his life path has learned to use as his ally, knowing that the chaos creates a new order.

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