Erik Van Egmond

Erik Van Egmond
Owner, Janssen & Van Egmond

Erik van Egmond is recognized as a “thought leader” in supply chain improvements and 4PL concepts. After working in various senior finance functions for global companies, Erik switched to General Electric to head up their European logistics company, Penske. For Pen ske, Erik worked with the global shippers such as Merck, Ford, Eaton, DSM and GE Medical Systems to improve their supply chains in a collaborative fashion realizing often double digits cost improvements. Improvements did not only come from procurement but were fuelled by solid analytics, process changes and improved visibility through application of technology.

Introducing supply chain financing concepts allowing successful companies to grow in a cash constrained environment. Ownership and management of product transfers and the assets trapped in the supply chain become assets financeable by 3 rd parties. Also implementing customer experience concepts to unlock revenue growth in an economy of slow growth also key concepts that Erik implements for global Lo gistics Service Providers.

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