Terry Lee

Terry Lee
President, CSCMP Taiwan Roundtable at CSCMP

Terry Lee has more than 20 years of extensive & diversified working experiences and expertise in entire aspects of Logistics & Supply Chain Management, including Manufacturing , Global Trade & Marketing , Transportation & Logistics , e - Commerce and Consultancy. He’d ever worked with the leading internation al carrier OOCL, and the leading global Value - Added Network service provider - GE Information Services. He is not only a visionary of Logistics & Supply Chain Management, but also a well - known e - commerce forerunner in Taiwan. T hrough his consultancy, semin ars and articles published, to promote and help Taiwan logistics service providers, manufacturers, trading companies to enhance competitive advantages by deploying information and communication technologies since 1980s.

On top of his industrial expertise, Terry Lee is very well experienced in initiating and forming international collaboration. In his career, he’d ever accomplished international partnership with overseas leading enterprises and organizations, such as GE Information Service , Sterling Commerce , Tradecard , Qiva , Total Soft Bank , CSCMP (Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals) , SupplyChainJobz etc.

In recognition of his superb industrial experience & professionalism and remarkable e - Commerce expertise, Terry Lee had been invited to lead in several important Logistics & Supply Chain Management projects sponsored by government and private sectors in Taiwan. Mr. Lee is currently the advisor of CEPD (Council of Economic Planning an d Development), Executive Yuan, Taiwan . He’s invited to offer his expertise and consultancy to the government in planning and designating proper projects regarding logistics & supply chain management, and the global supply chain security initiatives ie, AEO , UCR , Single Window, to cope with WCO SAFE standard framewor k in securing and facilitating the global trade.

In additions, Mr. Lee is the Chief Project Leader of “e - Logistics & Supply Chain Service Development Project”, sponsored by the Department of Commerce, to support Taiwan LSP to strengthen their level of ser vices and competitiveness by deploying information and telecommunication technologies. Also Mr. Lee is the Chief Project Leader of “Taiwan Trade Facilitation Project”, which is another governmental project initiated by the Bureau of Foreign Trade, to promo te and implement paperless trading mechanism on Taiwan, in compliance with APEC’s objectives in facilitating world trade.

Mr. Lee is also the founding member and Executive Director of TILSCA (Taiwan International Logistics & Supply Chain Association) since 2004. He is the Director of e - Commerce Task Force of the Chinese Maritime Research Institute, which is supported by the Ministry of Transportation and Communication. He leads the task force to conduct researches on electronic B/L and other prevailing e - Co mmerce applications in shipping & logistics. Besides, Mr. Lee has been intensively involved in the implementation of ICAO RAR (Regulated Agent Regime) and promoting IATA “e - Freight Project” on Taiwan.

In appreciation to his constant efforts & contribution to the development of logistics and industries in Taiwan, Mr. Lee was honorably rewarded with the Presidential Award – The Mentor Award in 2006. And he is award recipient of Excellent Contributor to Taiwan Maritime Industry, in July, 2009.

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